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5 Poker Tips For Beginners (and paypal tips)

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Every players starts learning about poker somewhere and the more useful advice given, the better the chances that you wont fall victim to some of the easiest habits which ultimately cost you more money. While these tips are only meant as a general guide, we do feel that they are some of the more solid pointers a beginner can receive when learning to play poker for real money. If you would like to deposit via paypal have a look at poker paypal or casinos paypal or paypal poker or even best paypal poker sites listings

Play Within Your Bankroll

By using just the basic budgeting skills you use in real life circumstance can save you a world of headaches. You should never be playing with money you can’t afford to lose and you should never play above your means. Your head will never be in the game if your always concerned over should you have played this game, or should you be calling this bet. By staying within your means you will not have to worry about what may be at risk and can instead focus more on your own game.

Dont Bluff Every Hand

Just because you seen Phil Ivey take down a huge pot on Poker After Dark, doesn’t mean that poker is all about the “bluff”. This is made for TV poker and if only a small fragment of the game. By bluffing to often you will eventually get caught and no longer be able to use that as a weapon. As a beginner, learning how to play poker would be a better investment than learning how to bluff right away. You should understand the very basics of pot odds and implied odds and once you have established a solid game, than hone in on your bluffing skills.

Play Your Position

Position is very important because it allows you to see opponents who act before you so you can determine where your hand falls in place next to theirs and can base your decision on calling, raising, folding from there. You will also be able to save money by not contributing into a pot with a mediocre hand which only gets pushed out anyway.

Select Your Hands Carefully

Although tournaments start off at very low blinds in relation to your starting chip stack, it does not mean that you need to call every hand. Just like playing position is a key factor so are your starting hands. A way to look at it is – if you wouldn’t call that hand with a raise than why are you calling it now. By being selective you will reduce the amount of chips you dump into hands where the odds to win are against you.

Don’t Play in Limits Which Are Out Of Your League

The majority of players who play in limits well above what you are accustomed to have learned to play those stakes, which means they are at a higher skill level. Although it may sound silly, each level of the game presents you with a new competitor and by playing in games where you are not familiar with your surroundings you are more apt to lose. A suggestion would be to beat the stake you are at, and then move up one level each time. If you find yourself losing more at that level, than you would drop back down until you can beat it.

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